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Dundas Chiropractic

Dundas Chiropractic is a professional and trusted chiropractic care center for individuals suffering from back pain, back pain-related ailments, neck stiffness, sciatica, foot, toenail, and toe ailments or for general wellness. We offer a variety of treatments and therapies, X-ray on-site and No mandatory patient information sessions. Our professional team of doctorsand staff are experienced in all forms of pain and discomfort related to your body, specifically your back, neck, leg, arms, and feet. We dedicate our efforts to providing the necessary care for each one of our patients, and our goal is to get them to feel better and reach their optimal physical condition.





Chiropractic Care | Spinal Decompression | Car Accident Treatment | Chiropody & Orthotics |
Registered Massage Therapy | Healing Cold Laser | Acupuncture