420 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto ON
M6R 2N2

(647) 349-8822


Belo Fashions Boutique

Here at Belo Fashion, we offer the very best in dresses and the latest in women’s fashion. While we have prided ourselves on our evening and prom dresses. We have hundreds of different evening wear available for you to browse. Come for a visit and we will find the perfect dress for you today.

Belo Fashions Boutique is a family operated business founded by Mrs. Maria Belo.

Mrs. Belo began her business by selling clothing to a select group of clients from the back of her station wagon. Her reputation for affordable prices and excellent service became common knowledge in the Portuguese community. Her clients marveled at her ability to offer a variety of styles to suit their preferences and budgets. Through word of mouth and referrals, Mrs. Belo’s customer base grew rapidly. In 1975, Mrs. Belo opened up her first retail store, “Casa Belo Dry Goods”, in the Kensington Market area of Toronto. The store was an immediate success and her popularity grew rapidly. By 1980, Casa Belo Dry Goods expanded with the purchase of its own building on Bloor Street West. Casa Belo Dry Goods began to operate from its Bloor West location as “Belo Fashions”, specializing in bridal wear and ladies evening fashions.









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