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Compassionate, professional, and possessing a relentless work ethic, Rita has found many successes in her career. As a John Molson graduate with a BCom in marketing and a Founders Institute alumni, she built her business expertise in marketing and project management for 15 years. Steadily climbing the corporate ladder, Rita realized 5 years ago, that she needed to realign her priorities and went on to spearhead several small businesses that play a more active role in the betterment of the community.

As a military spouse, Rita is no stranger to the nuisances that come with moving households and the logistics of upsizing and downsizing. With her remarkable ability to multitask and envision issues before they arise, she quickly became a downsizing and estate divestment asset to both the military and civilian community. Be it a civilian family requiring help with their downsize, or serving families unable to address the challenges that demand a prolonged administration of divesting a loved one’s estate, the stress or grief requires a certain level of support, finesses, and labour.

Of note, the military takes great efforts to alleviate the administrative burdens from families of the fallen. Unfortunately, the same level of support is not immediately available outside of the military, especially when it comes to seniors. A change Rita feels passionate about impacting.

As the Founder and CEO of Alivio Solution, Rita takes great joy in knowing she and her team are helping in more ways than one. Alivio clients feel relief, confident that they’ve preserved as much wealth as possible, and proud that they have helped the community and kept as many items as possible out of landfills.

Everyone’s needs and circumstances differ. Rita understands that the process can be overwhelming, and requires patience and flexibility.

When Rita isn’t working hard assisting other families, she can be found with her husband, two kids, and small dog. They especially love spending time outdoors; hiking, camping, and discovering new places.


East York



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