Agrawal Associates

Girish is a proud Canadian citizen who immigrated from India and landed in Calgary in 2000. During his stay of 22 years in Calgary, he has devoted 19 years helping Canadians with their financial planning needs. Girish considers himself to be lucky to have education and the financial acumen to successfully establish a financial consulting practice, Agrawal Associates with IG Private Wealth Management, in Calgary.
In his mid-forties, Girish started exploring his own capabilities in his personal life; some can call it mid-life crisis. He started hiking. He summited Mount Kilimanjaro in 2016 and raised more than $150,000 to help schools in India build toilets. In 2018, he summited Mount Aconcagua and raised over $ 90,000 to build a maternity hospital in Kisii, a small town in Western Kenya. Girish became so connected to the mountains that he wanted to climb all seven summits, highest mountain in each continent. Covid has not let him realize his goal of climbing all seven summits to date.

When we look at Girish’s current life, he is single with no children. He had the opportunity to reflect on the purpose of his life. One thought that had bugged Girish always is that he had never done anything for India, his mother land. Girish plans to return to India in 2028.







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