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180 Kitchens

Cabinet Refacing Pioneers
In 1994, our journey started as members of our family began manufacturing and installing laminate and solid surface countertops. As the countertop industry became saturated, we began working with local cabinet door manufacturers to offer a service that would update existing cabinets without removing cabinets along with new countertops. This process completely changed the look of the kitchen and really freshened the space up. This was an inexpensive process that is far less invasive than a total kitchen tear-out and remodel. This is what is known today as cabinet refacing.

In the early days, we either painted the cabinet boxes or used countertop laminate and contact cement to try and match the boxes to the new doors. This made solid colours easy but wood grains more difficult. In early 2000 we developed a process of combining the same material cabinet doors with an extremely aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive. This gave us the ability to really expand the colour choices to a staggering number of finishes with an exact match to the doors while maintaining a durable finish on the cabinet boxes. This method is now the standard in cabinet refacing today. Our newest endeavour, 180Kitchens began in 2018 and brings the same quality and experience passed down from generation to generation – cabinet refacing is in our blood – our family are the pioneers!









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