Most Canadians Would Be Interested In More Skills Training If The Government Created A Personal Training Account

Mar 13, 2020

Summary: Most Canadians agree that they would be interested in enrolling in more training if the government created a personal training account. They most frequently agreed to taking more training courses to improve on their computer and occupational skills. Approximately three in four Canadians believe that support for training would positively impact their choice of employer.

The Statistics

The Impact of Technological Changes

Four in five Canadians believe that it is unlikely or somewhat unlikely that technological changes will jeopardize their jobs.

A little over three in five Canadians believe that it’s unlikely or somewhat unlikely that technological changes will affect their work responsibilities.

Training Needs

Nine in ten Canadians disagree that they should take training to improve their reading abilities.

Canadians were split on whether they should have training to improve the computer and occupational skills.

Benefits of Personal Training Accounts

While most Canadians would be interested in training if they had a personal training account, they are split on whether they would make contributions to them.

However, most Canadians said they would be more interested in training if the government topped up their contribution by putting funds into their training accounts.

Demographic Difference by Age

The majority of younger Canadians frequently said that technician change is more likely to impact their work tasks than their older counterparts.

More younger Canadians were interested in training if they had personal training accounts created by the government.

Demographics DIfferences By Education

Canadians that only had a high school diploma or less reported higher interest in math training.

Canadians who completed graduate studies were more likely to be interested in training if their personal accounts were topped up by the government.

Unemployed Canadians were the most likely to be interested in training, but could not afford it.