Omnibus surveys are multi-sponsor surveys that include questions on a variety of subjects and are considered a great pilot for market research. Organizations can benefit from these surveys because they will only pay for a few survey questions that are included in the larger survey, and omnibus surveys are a fraction of the cost of commissioning a custom online survey. 

What is an Omnibus Survey?

It is essentially a single questionnaire administered to a large number of respondents that ask about a variety of unrelated topics. Questions will span across a wide variety of products, services, brands and behaviours paid for by several survey sponsors who purchase questions in the survey together to share costs across the same pool. Unlike a typical survey, omnibus surveys contain random questions that are asked in the same survey script, and because there are multiple questions sponsored by different organizations, a client will not receive data for all of the answers collected and will choose beforehand which questions they want to ask. 

In most cases, these surveys are conducted in intervals to allow companies to gather data as quickly as possible, and the questions are then administered to large audiences, and valuable data is collected. 

Omnibus surveys are quick and cost-effective, and you will receive results for a topic without having to front all of the costs for market research. This is why many organizations are choosing to conduct omnibus surveys in 2023. Many people refer to this as a piggyback survey, as you would be piggybacking with other companies to share the cost of a market research survey. 

Comprehensive Market Data

Omnibus surveys can cover topics from brand awareness to customer satisfaction, and this is a great way to glean information on a wide variety of topics and can be given to a large group of respondents. This type of market research study is conducted as an online survey through smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs, and the reason these studies are conducted online is that online surveys are quick, inexpensive and high-quality. Online omnibus surveys are very simple to conduct and provide clients with very clear data. When conducted properly, omnibus surveys can yield results that are equally as good as traditional phone surveys, and this is why they are growing in popularity in 2023. 

Sponsors of an omnibus survey will have to pay a fee to purchase a question or questions in the survey script, and this can be as few as just one question or as many as thirty questions or more. This will depend on your budget, and your needs and questions can ask about anything from awareness to perception or any other topic. 

A reputable survey maker will know exactly how to proceed and will take the right steps. They will start with a proposal followed by a kickoff meeting, survey design, programming and choice of demographics. They will then run extensive testing of your questionnaire, which will be followed by a soft launch. The final step is a full launch, and you will receive live results. 

An experienced survey maker will walk you through the different steps, and you can rely on our team here at Survpoll. We will answer all of your questions and will address any concerns you may have when it comes to omnibus surveys. If you are looking for a professional survey maker, contact us today for more information!